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Run-In Sheds, Stall Barns, Storage Barns, and Larger Barns for Horses

All our portable horse structures are sold ready-made and delivered through Windy Hill Sheds, a branch of our family's business. Click here to visit their website. (Please be patient, the website can take a while to load, but it's worth the wait.)

These portable horse structures are available with metal and wood siding in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Run-In Sheds link
Run-In Sheds: from small to large (10'x16' to 14'x48')

Link to Stall Barns

Stall Barns: from 10'x18' to 12'x48'

Larger Barn link Link to Storage Barns Link to Larger Barns

Storage Barns: from 8'x16' to 12'x30' in over two dozen styles.

Larger Barns: 36'x36' modular horse barns with five stalls, tack room and feed room.

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